Start a Business like A Boss

Is it time to quit your job and start something for yourself?

Reality check

Starting a business is HARD. The RISKS are real! Financial (losing more than you have), Social (isolating yourself to get it done), Mental and Physical (stress / anxiety is real… plus there is a big “rise and grind” mentality in the startup space - BURNOUT is real), Relationships (it can break families apart). Not to mention that it’s OVERWHELMING for first time entrepreneurs… not knowing what to do. On top of all that, to add to the pressure, it’s a COMPETITION.

We share this not to freak you out, but so you have your eyes open. We understand because we’ve survived through more than the above. 

You need a STRATEGY of exactly what to do, that will allow you to maximise the use of your existing RESOURCES. A COMMUNITY of like minded people to help you move beyond blocks and give you the CONFIDENCE to move beyond your own limiting beliefs and more importantly, move towards living a life that enables you to BE YOUR OWN BOSS and make an IMPACT.  


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We help you mitigate the risks by teaching you strategies across

How We Help You

9 Week Startup Program


  • Digital Content (Tuesday)
  • Weekly Group Online Q&A (Thursday)
  • Weekly Accountability (Sundays)
  • 24 / 7 Group support “Community”
  • Templates from Agile Plans, NDA’s, MOU’s, Sales, etc
  • Motivation, connection to keep moving forward



  • Flexible learning at your own pace
  • To help you work through challenges
  • To keep you focused on important tasks
  • Private members channel
  • So you don’t have to reinvent the wheel
  • Sharing weekly wins in the community group

Your Coach

Troy Haines
Troy Haines
Cofounder / Managing Director theSPACE Australasia

As an entrepreneur and founder of theSPACE (a hub for commercialising ideas), Troy has worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs across Australia to develop and commercialise ideas.  

Troy and the team at theSPACE have developed world class startup & innovation programs that help support people with ideas to make money from those ideas, quickly, efficiently and as risk adversely as possible.

We understand how tough it can be to back yourself and go after your idea, that’s why we’ve created a community of support specifically for the development of ideas, if you are someone with an idea, we invite you to reach out.

Shartara Hampton
Shartara Hampton
Community Leader

A born and raised Cairns girl, Shartara spent the past few years travelling the world and living in New York. After returning home she volunteered in aged and disability care before joining us at theSPACE as our Community Leader. Shartara loves people and getting to know them and their stories. She is always up for a chat and to help wherever needed.  Look for her smiling face the next time you come into theSPACE.


  • Associate Diploma in Business - Hospitality - Completed in 1998
  • Bachelor of Business - Marketing - Completed in 2005
  • Built and managed an online Travel business - Sold in 2010
  • Masters of Applied Innovation & Entrepreneurship - Commenced 2011 / Withdrawn 2012
  • Founded iAMconnected - 2010 [Failed]
  • Founded theSPACE - 2012
  • Received Innovation Champion Award from Premier of QLD for his work in building the Startup Ecosystem in FNQ - 2014
  • Inducted in the QLD Government Innovation Wall of Fame - 2014
  • Co-founded Emerging Entrepreneurs - 2015 [Active]
  • Co-founded Innovation Ecosystems - 2015 [Active]
  • Won SEGRA (Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia) Challenge - 2015
  • Inaugural panel member of Advance Queensland $40M (now $80M) Business Development Investment Fund - 2015
  • Early stage investor in IoT Australasia - 2016 [Active]
  • Early stage investor in WaterSave International - 2017 [Active]
  • Won SEGRA (Sustainable Economic Growth for Regional Australia) Challenge - 2017
  • Early stage investor in Tuckerbox Monitoring Solutions - 2017 [Active]
  • Australasia co-lead for Transformative Technology Academy - 2018
  • Global Mentor for Transformative Technology Academy - 2018

We are selective about who we allow into the program.
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