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When you’re EDUCATED on best practice techniques, with the SUPPORT of a community of other like-minded people and being LED by entrepreneurs who are constantly researching, formulating and applying techniques, you will have all the tools necessary to rapidly turn your idea into a business you dream of and deserve. All our materials are designed to help you accelerate this process, using cutting-edge proprietary strategies and tools.

Here at theSPACE we’ve spent the past 6 years figuring all this out so you don’t have to.

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Giving you an environment to focus whilst also connect with like minded professionals


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Refine your idea

Assemble resources you need to grow (experts, co-founders, advisors). Have opportunities to pitch.

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Get help to solve specific problems

Connect to the right investors to advance your business.


Great session loved listening to Mark and Holly. The power of proximity!! Being in the personal development arena I love hearing the personal growth everyone has to go through to build successful businesses. Well done sPace consistently delivering

Rachael Verdel

So epic. These guys are amazing, supportive and doing great things, great place to be for the dreamers and doers!

Matt Bell

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Innovation is our life blood

And community is our oxygen.

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Brain Sensing Headbands that Improve your Meditation Practice. Muse gives you real-time feedback on your brain & body activity to help you know when you're in the zone.



FocusBand measures and trains the mental process, to change the result, to rewire the belief. It becomes a closed loop system

Positive Prime

Positive Prime

Optimise the way you are in only 3 Minutes – Think & Feel Better. Be Brighter. Achieve More with Speed, Ease & Grace