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QODE is the only technology event in Australia to receive the full endorsement by both local and state government (through Brisbane City Council, the Department of Innovation and Tourism Industry Development and Tourism Events Queensland). It will help accelerate innovation in government, education and corporate leadership and empower Queenslanders' to solve global challenges.

QODE in its first edition, will bring together leaders from the AI ecosystem, entrepreneurs, CXOs, investors, AI experts and tech professionals from the world’s leading tech companies, startups and VCs.

Why we are so excited about QODE is because it looks beyond technology and provides a new level of clarity of the changes and challenges our working and personal lives face.

Digital transformation is already in full swing. Artificial intelligence (AI), human-machine collaboration and platform economics are the drivers of this development, enabling innovative business processes and industrial growth. But what comes next? And what advantages are to be expected from the widespread use of future technologies & innovation?

QODE is the new forum for visionaries, pioneers and innovations drivers, with speakers from a wide range of backgrounds in industry, government, business, technology, science and society. What will be the impact of the expansion of 5G networks and what potential does this hold? What new options will augmented and mixed reality applications open up for industry? And what new technologies will be the trendsetters in tomorrow’s fully connected world? These and other exciting topics will be in the spotlight at QODE. Attendees are invited to take part in  interactive sessions and share their experiences, ideas and theories.

Find out more and get your tickets here; https://qodebrisbane.com/

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