How would your life be different if you lived with a deep sense of meaning and connection?

How would your life be different if you lived with a deep sense of meaning and connection?

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At this stage of our evolution there is still one fate that we all share... death.

Where the material things we’ve been conditioned to think are important… possessions, stuff… it all gets stripped away.

Regardless of what you believe happens beyond that transition point, I’m confident that you would agree with me that when that time comes for you and if you lived your life WITHOUT unlocking your gifts, living with meaning, feeling whole in that you knew who you were and how to express that in the world… If when you get to the transition point and you hadn’t unlocked and given your gifts to the world… Haven’t you missed what it means to truly live?!

It’s not about stuff; it’s about being a full expression of who we are? Our most evolved self we can be.

What could be more important than discovering that?!

For me the sense of being disconnected and disillusioned caused suffering, which made it a priority to find it.

Years of seeking, figuring shit out and since starting theSPACE I feel like I’ve found it… and now I wish it for all those around me, because it truly is another way to live, when you get to wake up and do what you were born to do.

This is why I felt compelled to put together a program with the key fundamentals that helped me go from feeling lost, disconnected and suffering… to now spending each day living what I truly love.

2 key things:

1). It was meditation that enabled me to quieten the noise that the mind was making long enough for me to start hearing the deep internal guidance that we all have… our intuition, instinct. The reason most of us are so disconnected from who we are, I believe is because our minds are making too much noise (constant stream of thoughts, emotions, triggering unconscious actions) for us to be able to tune in. Meditation created the space for me to discover who I really was.

2). It is entrepreneurship that enables me to express that in a structure that provides sustainability and scale.

This is why I’m proud of what we’ve created with Everyday Entrepreneurs, it’s a program and ongoing support to teach you techniques that allow your authentic self to emerge and as those insights arise, show you the process of how to risk adversely turn those insights into a business that becomes and expression of you that can generate money, so that you can live the life you maybe never thought was possible for you.

Well… it is possible and you should expect it. Don’t miss the opportunity to live this life as a full expression of who you are.

If you are in anyway, seeking for your own sense of self or looking for support to express what you’ve found in a business structure then I highly encourage you to check out our Everyday Entrepreneurs Program.

It’s people like you that we want in our community. A community of people, living as entrepreneurs, living life on our terms, making a difference in the world through the gifts that we have.

Our current intake is open for a limited time, you will find more information here?—?

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