Toastmaster Entrepreneurs

Toastmaster Entrepreneurs

Tue, October 17th, 2017 - 12:30 - Tue, October 17th, 2017 - 13:30
Toastmaster Entrepreneurs

The Aim

Provide a forum where a diverse range of existing and SME/start-up business people where communication and leadership skills are developed and new ideas are energised on a weekly basis. The aim is to be; a innovation knowledge base, encourage innovation in existing businesses, strong new start-up/SME businesses, and be a conduit for local innovators and technology providers to interact with the business community. 


Video presentations and webinars are becoming a vital part of our business promotion strategies. The meetings will be streamed and recorded with Zoom webinar technology so members can attend meetings virtually and also get comfortable in running webinars, and to be able to view meetings they have missed. We will have a member feedback webpage where members can upload videos of their presentations and receive feedback from other members.

The proposed format;

  1. Introductions

A 30 second introduction (being succinct) each of;

    1. An idea, or
    2. Building on a previous idea, or
    3. An “Ask” (what do you need, services, tech help, mentoring, marketing help etc.), or
    4. A “Give” (How can you help, as above)
  1. Impromptu Speaking practice
    1. A 2 minute elevator pitch, or
    2. Impromptu speaking practice
  1. Main Pitch
    1. A 5 minute pitch with questions from the floor, or
    2. Practice public speaking


Leave time to network after the event once you have had a chance to hear all the inspiring presenters.

Toastmaster structure

TheToastmasters format provides structure and a huge resource of communication training material. The cost of Toastmasters is around $3/meeting

For more information contact theSPACE 0740 152 517

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