# 4 - Master the Inner Game

# 4 - Master the Inner Game

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It’s all about you. We understand that a business/company is only as great as its leader. We support you in being awesome... Mastering your inner game Have you ever caught yourself scolding yourself when things don’t go accordingly to plan... Maybe you set a goal that you didn’t achieve or whilst playing a game you made a mistake, which opened the door for a barrage from the inner critique “you idiot why did you do that?” .... “you can’t do anything right, you always fail” ... “Get it together” Or “I’m so fat”...  “I look ugly today” Let’s dissect this inner conflict for a moment... So we have 1.    The person making the judgements – self 1 2.    The person being judged – self 2 Timothy Gallaway in his book “The Inner Game of Tennis” (Tim is considered the godfather of modern coaching) details the inner battle which rage’s between the 2 selves.  Eckhart Tolle in his book “The Power of Now” talks of his own profound experience when he became aware of the 2 selves. Through the observation of his inner dialogue “I can’t live with myself anymore”, to which he became aware of the 2 selves. Who is the self... that I can’t live with?” The first step to mastering your inner game is to become aware of the 2 selves. Take a moment and recall instances in your life where you have been judged by self 1. All members of theSPACE are invited to attend a workshop where you learn the skills to master the 2 selves. Being the master of your inner game is critical to allowing your entrepreneurial venture to be everything it can be whilst riding the highs and lows of life as an entrepreneur.  Join today
Characteristics of Self 1 & Self 2 - Let’s have a closer look at the 2 selves Characteristics of self 1 Jealous Insecure Fearful Judges constantly (often fiercely) Feels as if something is missing Limited intellect Lacks vision Critical of the unknown Will step over his own mother to get what he/she wants Acts alone Reacts & clutches
Characteristics of self 2 Infinitely intelligent (connected to all that is and all that will be) Intuitive (it knows) Ability to learn super quick Total inner peace – constantly full without lack Has purpose and vision Radiates Joy Is fearless Is connected to all things Responds & flows
If you haven’t concluded already self 1 comprises the mind, where as self 2 constitutes the essence of you and the intelligence of the body.  This is explained in more detail as required within “The Space”. So what... what’s all this about then If all this sounds like mumbo jumbo that’s totally cool... it’s a lot to take in... if nothing else I would ask that you take the next week and begin watching what is going on inside to see if you can find evidence of this at play. Joining “The Space” is living as self 2, our culture supports you to unleash the purpose of self 2 and manage the limitations of self 1 all the while providing an environment and tools for you to fully express yourself. We consider mastering this a significant piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle and developing more intuitive, connected leaders. Join The Space today and connect with and be supported by other uniquely brilliant game changers who are accessing and living their purpose. For more information or to organise to come and hang out on site for a couple of hours please email explore@thespacecairns.com

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