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A little about Troy

I love to present… My passion is connecting inventors and entrepreneurs to a sense of purpose whilst helping them to commercialise their ideas! Finding passion and turning that into a commercialised product I feel is the greatest gift that you can give someone and the greatest gift that we can give the world. My 2 passions – purpose and turning ideas into reality (start-up business and innovation) is what I love to present on... Successful in business and over 8 years experience in public speaking, life seems a different from my humble beginnings...  Growing up on a farm from a very young age taught me the value of doing the tough jobs and the desire to not to have to be the guy doing them forever. It inspired me to continue a life of education, firstly an associate Diploma in Business – hospitality services. Then a bachelor of business – Marketing. This inspired a number of start-up businesses including an online travel website which I built and managed for 6 years before selling for over a quarter of a million dollars. Since then I have furthered my education studying a Masters of Applied Innovation and Entrepreneurship and launching my latest venture “theSPACE”. A hub which brings together people with ideas, skills and resources so that we can more effectively commercialise opportunities. Studying thought leaders from around the world I use the latest best practice including lean start up philosophy and design lead innovation to assist people to more effectively commercialise their ideas. My strengths as a presenter is my ability to inspire and educate whilst at the same time giving people radical permission to break free of limitations and go after their dreams.

Here is what others have said:

Troy as a key presenter at Board Connect Workshop Troy Haines was a key presenter at BoardConnect’s Cairns workshop on entrepreneurship for not-for-profit organisations in May 2013.  Troy gave a stimulating and thoughtful talk which was well-targeted for the participants, and which sparked useful lines of discussion.  Troy’s approach was creative, he was well prepared, and an effective communicator – and best of all, Troy’s contribution was grounded in real-world experience – not management theory.   The world of start-ups and small businesses needs more Troy Haines’ ! David Fishel Director, BoardConnect Director, Positive Solutions 2013 Cairns Career Expo Troy speaking at the 2103 Career Expo Troy Haines, from “the SPACE” in Cairns has bravely fronted thousands of high schools students at our recent Careers and Education Expo.  At our Speed Careers Information Sessions held throughout the day, Troy spoke to many students ranging from year 10 to year 12 about the possibilities on becoming an Entrepreneur.  The Business Liaison Association run many workshops for secondary students in north Queensland all with the aim to inspire the next generation in what their choices can be after school life.  Troy’s ability to talk with the students and offer advice on how to think, feel and learn was a positive experience at this year’s Careers and Education Expo. Adriana Braid Business Liaison Association
Troy as MC and Presenter for the Tropical Innovation Conference ‘Troy provides an exciting and innovative approach to presenting. His engagement with the audience and ability to challenge a whole range of businesses and budding entrepreneurs is impressive. Thinking outside of the box, capturing ideas and building successful businesses are just some of the key attributes Troy brings to the table’ Katrina Houghton Director Economic Development and Community Services Cook Shire Council / Founder of the Tropical Innovation Awards
If you would like to enlist Troy for a speaking engagement, please forward all inquiries to Presentation Information!
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