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theSPACE Cairns - Catch'n'Release

The 5 questions:

1. Who are you (you and your team)? Peter & Margaret Powell Peter - Innovator Margaret - Accounts, Marketing, Administration, Business Manager 2. What are you working on (explain the problem you are solving and your solution)? Catch'n'Release Anchor Retrieval system. Reduce damage to yourself, your boat and the reef with the innovative and award winning Catch'n'Release anchor release system. Using the patented steel coupling, Catch'n'Release works by changing the point of retrieval of the anchor without the need for exhaustive manoeuvring of the vessel saving time, fuel, wear and tear and of course money. Here is a quick video to help explain the concept:

3. Where are you at with it (Progress update from last month if applicable)? We won a 2012 Tropical Innovation Award - TNQ Innovation. Sold 5 units, Have 190 units in stock. Working on gaining approval for use on light commercial boats and selling. 4. What do you need (resources, skills, etc...)? We would appreciate support getting connections into marine regulatory bodies, with the view of gaining approval for light commercial vessels. 5. What are you willing to give up in order to get what you need (money, equity, contra)? If someone is able to help us to achieve a successful outcome with a light commercial regulatory approval, we would be open to suggestions of what would be a fair exchange.
More information can be found via the following: Peter & Margaret Powell m: 0402 444 642 e: e: w: 
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