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theSPACE Cairns - Picphony

The 5 questions:

1. Who are you (you and your team)? Our business is Picphony Pty Ltd. We established our company last year to develop an App of the same name. Just a two man band at the moment, being Cameron Shaw and Matt Templeton. Based in Cairns, we met whilst serving as Officers in the Royal Australian Navy. We each bring our own strengths and experience to the table, be they creative, marketing, business finance and operations. 2. What are you working on (explain the problem you are solving and your solution)? Our product is Picphony, an App for IPhone and hopefully Android a bit further down the track. The name is an amalgam of Picture & Symphony. The App falls into the entertainment sector of the App world and provides a new functional layer to the already popular pastime of sharing photos and social media. Essentially, Picphony's main function is to convert the colours in any photograph into a totally unique audio sound effect. The fun is in finding out what can sound beautiful and what can sound bizarre. Every photo is unique, as it takes the colours contained in that photo and converts them to notes on a keyboard, played back on a grand piano, as either a short melody tune or as a chord. Future features include a range of instruments to choose from, as well as different playback styles. 3. Where are you at with it (Progress update from last month if applicable)? We have contracted a major App development firm to conduct the build. We are currently in the Alpha phase of testing and are about a month ahead of schedule. We're hoping to have it submitted to the Apple Appstore within the next 6-8 weeks. Before then, during the Beta phase of testing, we will be looking for testers external to our business to assist testing functionality and providing performance feedback. 4. What do you need (resources, skills, etc...)? The next major hurdle for us is what happens post launch. Obviously we're hopeful that we can attract a lot of users quickly. The App will be free to download, which we feel will assist in more rapid user growth. The potential exists to incorporate in app purchases at a later date, in return for access to increased functionality. So what do we need post launch? Probably some funding to help us build in new and frequently requested functions quickly so as to maintain momentum. But perhaps also, depending on how rapidly we grow, some business support to ensure we can manage our product effectively and give it the best chance of achieving great heights. We know we have a lot of skills, but we also know we don't have all the skills required to do this. Coming from a military background, we believe in stacking as many of the odds as possible in our favour before embarking on the mission. 5. What are you willing to give up in order to get what you need (money, equity, contra)? Until we know what kind of performance it gains post launch, it's a bit hard to tell exactly which direction we should go in terms of raising capital. But We are open to suggestions at any time and nothing is off the table as yet. More information can be found via the following: Cameron Shaw & Matt Templeton e: cameron.shaw@picphony.com e: matt.templeton@picphony.com


Thu, Jun 11th, 2020 - 11:00am
Thu, Jun 11th, 2020 - 12:00pm

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