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The 5 questions:

1. Who are you (you and your team)? My name is Jo Gleeson and I’m the founder of Give1. The concept behind Give1, that a lot of us doing a little bit can change the world, has been an idea that’s grown in my spirit over the last couple of years. I truly believe that the majority of people want to give back and support charitable organizations that are seeking to change and improve our world and the lives of those in need. My vision is to create a movement of people who commit to give either 1% of their wage or $1 a day to charity each year. And the Give1 platform we are creating allows them to do this with choice, privacy, anonymity and freedom. The wonderful team of people who are making ‘Give1’ a reality are: Jo Gleeson – Founder Peter Parsons – Chartered Accountant Troy Haines – Marketer and Business Coach Luckbir Signh – Commercial Lawyer Together we make a great team. We have very different skill sets and we are united in our belief in the Give1 movement. Exciting times are ahead. 2. What are you working on (explain the problem you are solving and your solution)? The Give1 team want to revolutionize charitable giving! We are aware that this is no small feat but we believe that the industry is ready for change. And that change needs to be a swing towards the donor. Let me try to explain … Our research has indicated strongly that: Philanthropy is not just for the super rich. ‘Everyday’ people like you and & I want to contribute too. Charitable giving is a personal choice; the majority of people want to ‘give back’ and contribute to causes that they feel a personal connection to or have a genuine passion for. Donors want anonymity and privacy. They do not want to be contacted by phone or email after making a donation. Donors want flexibility. They want the freedom to donate their money to a certain charity this month, quarter or year and then a different one next time. The days of locking into giving to the one charity only may have passed for many donors. The process of donating money to charity(ies) can be daunting. In it’s current format the charitable industry in Australia uses multiple marketing tactics in an attempt to get donors to reach into their pockets. The downside is that many people we have spoken with (even those who give consistently to one or two charities) feel ‘hounded’ and pressured to constantly give more. Don’t get us wrong, the Give1 team 100% supports charitable organisations. We understand how intensely competitive the charitable sector has become. It is our vision to turn that around in many ways. We seek to present charitable organisations with a community or movement of people who have already made the commitment to donate a certain amount of money per year to charity. And the good news is that for charities this will mean tapping into an entirely new sector of people who do not currently consistently donate to charity. Give1 really is win/win for charities and donors alike. 3. Where are you at with it (Progress update from last month if applicable)? I’m excited to report that we are about to enter the proof of concept stage. We are about to embark, beginning 1 May this year, on a 12-week trial phase. Within this phase we are seeking to find 100 people to join the Give1 movement. Within this time donors will join Give1 and begin giving their 1% or $1 a day. This money will be held in trust by a third party; Sydney based accountancy firm McCarthy Salkeld. (Feel free to check them out at During the proof of concept stage all funds remain the property of the donor. After proof of concept has been achieved all funds will be transferred onto the online account profile for each donor. They are then free to begin allocating their funds to the charities of their choice. Note – For further information please don’t hesitate to contact Troy or myself for the full terms & conditions applicable during the proof of concept stage. We are really excited to build momentum and see the Give1 community grow. 4. What do you need (resources, skills, etc...)? At this stage we need donors. We are looking for people whose beliefs align with ours and who are interesting in becoming part of the Give1 movement. If the Give1 vision appeals to you we would love to have you join us as a valuable member. Please help us make the Give1 vision a reality. 5. What are you willing to give up in order to get what you need (money, equity, contra)? To be honest the Give1 movement will eventually (within the next 12-months hopefully!) become a NPO itself. Meaning that we will be able to provide tax deductable receipts to our members on behalf of the charities they donate too. So far all the work, professional advice, creativity and passion that have gone into Give1 has been given for free. I cannot thank Troy, Pete and Luckbir enough for their invaluable contributions so far. Should the Give1 ‘proof of concept’ stage provide us with the success we are predicting then the four of us will be exploring all the funding options available to cover the IT, legal, accountancy, marketing etc costs that we will incur. At this stage we believe that the proof is in the pudding. Let’s get Giving1! I Give1 Jo

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