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Startup & Innovation Calendar TNQ - May 2014

Exciting times... Yesterday we saw the official launch of the TNQ20 Business Excellence & Tropical Innovation Awards - the new look Tropical Innovation Awards. The awards feature TWENTY (20) award classifications across multiple industries and opens for applications on the 5th May. This is your chance to be recognised as a leader in your field. More information via the calendar links below:

Here is what's on this month:

29th April Tuesday 10:15am - TNQ20 Official Launch 01st May Thursday 9am - Sam Harrop Ultimate Business Tips 02nd May Friday 8:30am  - 05th May Sunday - iLab Boot Camp (Brisbane) 05th May Monday - TNQ20 Applications Open  08th May Thursday 7:00am - Start-up Entrepreneur Mastermind Group Webinar 09th May Friday 5:30pm - TGIF Pitch Night 15th May Thursday 8:15am - Innovation Mastermind Group Webinar 16th May Friday 6:00pm - Ideas After Dark - An Evening of Innovation  20th May Tuesday - Tropical Innovation Forum (TIF) is BACK :) more information soon 26th May Monday 8:30am - iLab Germinate Program Begins (Brisbane) 30th May Friday 5:30pm - TGIF Pitch Night

In addition we are Seeking Expression of interests to "Learn how to Code", check out this interesting video from Obama in the US

Note: each time his says American, replace it with Australian

Do you have a great idea that requires you to build a web or phone application?  If yes,  you typically have four avenues to build a prototype. 1. raise capital (challenging) and pay for a professional company to build it (expensive) 2. outsource it to freelancers in India (even more challenging) 3. sign up to a subscription template (highly restricted) or 4. learn to code and build a skeleton version yourself (it’s how Survey Monkey and many other multi-million dollar sites got started) If you are interested in taking control of your ideas and learning to code, please complete the form below:
New Events coming soon to this space...