Capital Raising for Startups Cairns

Capital Raising for Startups Cairns

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Shark Tank - Capital Raising for Startups

Have you seen Shark Tank? Entrepreneurs pitching their ideas to raise capital from self made billionaire and millionaire investors... An awesome show. You can check out an episode via the link below

 At theSPACE this week we have our very own Shark Tank... well kind of... 2 events... Capital Raising for Startups and Friday night Pitch Night. 26th June - 5:15pm Thursday Capital Raising for Startups. Creative financing can often be a make or break factor in the initial and ongoing success of your venture. Get ready to develop some financial muscle and equip yourself and your business with the tools and strategies that will ensure you are maximising your financing opportunities. More info here >>> 27th June - 5:30pm Friday. Join us for TGIF Pitch Night to pitch your idea. It's a great forum to practice your pitching skills. Beers, wine and snacks available. More info here >>> If you'd like to be apart of it RSVP asap Get into the game

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