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The message is clear for all business owners - Innovate or Die

Every day at theSPACE we work 1:1 with business owners to help them commercialise their ideas. Over recent years working with dozens of clients we have discovered that there are 6 key areas where we can add the most value.
Idea Screening - Helping business owners to choose the right idea Opportunity Development - Helping business owners to fill the gaps in their skills and resources Proof of Concept - Testing concepts in the market. Helping entrepreneurs to find that product : market fit. Planning & Pitching - Once an entrepreneur has a proven market, if investment capital is required for growth, we assist with planning and pitching techniques Capital Raising - Supporting entrepreneurs in finding the right capital partner Growth - Providing the support, resources and connections to assist entrepreneurs in going from startup to a traditional compan

Do you have an idea, concept or product and need help successfully launching it? We can help!

Testimonial The space really is one of my favourite places when it comes to developing ideas. The whole place is completely tailored for a creative and innovative experience. I find the white board walls especially helpful when it comes to timelining and visualising your ideas. Troy is also instrumental in helping flesh out new projects. His expertise, advice and experience have greatly aided the development of many of our concepts into workable models. Troy is an excellent facilitator and business coach and I highly recommend his fresh and innovative service to anyone about to embark on a new project. Nic Zymaras Owner - Random Press

Inquire now to organise a complimentary, no obligation 1:1 coaching session with Troy valued at $395


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