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Uber in Cairns - Disruptive technology... love it or hate it

Last Friday Uber rolled into Cairns as part of their worldwide Uber ice cream publicity event. In 300+ cities around the world Uber drivers delivered ice cream to willing recipients who used the app to order the Gelato Messina. theSPACE assisted Uber to roll out the event, to mixed opinions from industry as seen in this Cairns Post article[

Where is our stance on Uber? It's like asking where is our stance on change, disruption, technology... It's happening all around us and if it's not Uber disrupting the taxi industry it will be some other technology changing other industries. We can't shelter ourselves from change. We need to learn to embrace it, use it, win with it. This type of thing is not going to go away. The government can't protect us, in fact the government has a need to support such innovation or else the country will fall behind the rest of the world. We need to be doing our own disruption.

Should we support Uber? We have a saying...

"it's not up to us to say whether an idea is good or not. The market determines if an idea is any good. They will tell you with their money."

If the general public don't like Uber, they won't use it and it'll fail. if they do, then who are we to take away their choice. Who are we to say no to emerging technologies that benefit the whole overall?!

Change is everywhere... your industry is not safe. No industry is safe. It's time you learn't to be strategically agile.

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