Innovation Weekend Update

Innovation Weekend Update

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Just a quick note to update you on the progress of Innovation Weekend...

We are opening up a showcase on the opening night - Friday 21st October. The showcase will include:

  • Virtual Reality (VR)
  • Demonstrations Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Demonstrations (if you are thinking, "what they hell does that even mean?", you'll find out Friday)
  • Drone demonstrations
  • 3D printing demonstrations
  • And more

It's not too late to get involved...

Your weekend will include:

  • Pre-event briefing to ensure that businesses have their idea/ problem clearly defined (business owners only) Pitch night Friday night. Key challenges / ideas proposed by the business owners will be anonymously pitched to recruit participants (programmers, designers, etc) to be part of their innovation team to develop that idea over the weekend
  • Short, entertaining, educational sessions on launching ideas, innovation, the Internet of Things, Law/IP protection, accounting and more, will be provided Mentors will be available throughout the weekend to support teams
  • All meals, tea & coffee Drinks Friday and Sunday evening
  • A whole weekend of intense innovation for business growth and team development
  • Round up of ideas and progress at the end of the weekend with guidance for businesses on next steps

Investment ie: How much $? Business Owner ..................$99 (Invitation only - to nominate to be a business please email Participant .................................$79 Student Price ..........................$49

For more information please visit our website - or register here -

Any questions please ask via return email or call (07) 4015 2517

Hope to see you there!

The Team @ theSPACE

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