Ashtanga Yoga Centre

Ashtanga Yoga Centre

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Ash Hope - why I practice Yoga 

Yoga is part of my life but putting my leg behind my head doesn’t make me a better person. However, having a daily practice is like looking through an internal magnifying glass which brings out the patterns, behaviour and emotions of my true self. I am using the principles of my practice to become a better person in all areas of my life.

Dedication to show up and to do the best in everything you do. Practicing every day takes discipline. Giving it your best shot every time requires dedication, devotion and trust in what you do. 

Passion and Persistence to achieve the things that seem impossible. When you fail or fall, get up, try again until you make it. Or at least leave with a smile and know you will make it soon. Fuel your passion every day and really know why you do what you do. 

Compassion and Empathy to connect with people of all backgrounds. Relate to others, don’t be judgemental by somebodies weaknesses but instead highlight their strength and lift them up. 

Walk the talk in everything you do. Reflect on your actions and what example you set. Be an inspiration not a warning!


Ashtanga Yoga Centre

We created this space to practice and share the teachings of Ashtanga Yoga in its traditional form. This means that each student is taught individually, in a class setting, which helps to build a closer student teacher relationship. Over time the student learns a set sequence of postures and the teacher closely monitors the progress of each student. Verbal cues and physical adjustments from the teacher help the student to deepen their knowledge and gain a greater awareness of body and mind. This method aims to bring the focus inwards and makes the practice a moving meditation. 

When practiced correctly, Yoga has the power to open the mind, heal the body and transform one’s whole life.

Most modern yoga styles originate from Ashtanga Yoga and have been changed and modified over the last years. The Ashtanga Yoga Centre follows the traditional path of the practice to preserve the teachings and wisdom that have been proven successfully over hundreds of years.

Ash Hope

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