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One of the aim's of theSPACE in 2019 is to support 100+ new people make the leap from being employed to self employed. But more than that, it's helping you to more fully "Be You", bring your awesome to the world and create a business doing that!
(1) Knowing what you were born to do, and (2) Creating an income doing that is truly awesome... It's a new way of being for a lot of people and it's one of the reasons why we feel entrepreneurship is an important part of human transformation / evolution.
Relating to (1), we feel a growing sense of urgency about the current and the future state of the human condition, in particular how disconnected most people are from their greater self... We feel it's now that humankind needs to master our minds (as opposed to being lost in it), tap into our individual gifts and explore the role technology can play as a pivotal part in that!
theSPACE is super excited to be part of the Transformative Technologies (TT) movement that supports founders developing technology as the force that takes scarcity in psychological and emotional support and makes it abundant, accessible and affordable, so as to support human evolution.
Nichol Bradford is one of the international leaders of the movement in TT.
TEDxBeaconStreet has just released Nichol's first TED Talk about Engineering the future of human possibility.
Here is the link to Nichol's Talk -->
I hope that you will be inspired by her story, vision and passion; I post this as a means to reach out to others interested in becoming part of this movement as we soon launch Transformative Technologies Australia in partnership with Transformative Technologies International.
Stay tuned for more information and conversation around TT Australia in 2019 as we bring awareness to new technologies which support human evolution and enable theSPACE to more effectively achieve it's aim of (1) and (2) as outlined above.
- Troy
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Thu, Jun 11th, 2020 - 11:00am
Thu, Jun 11th, 2020 - 12:00pm

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