Master Class: Commercialisation Documents with Donna Patane

Master Class: Commercialisation Documents with Donna Patane

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Troy Haines is joined by Special Legal Counsel Donna Patane from MacDonnells Law to discuss the "In's & Outs of Commercialisation Documents"

Donna Patane has been a long term mentor of theSPACE working with dozens of Founders and Innovators to help protect Founder, Innovator and Stakeholder interests.

Donna Patane is a member of the MacDonnells Law state-wide commercial team specialising in business law and intellectual property. She is a qualified legal practitioner as well as a registered Trade Marks Attorney. You can find more detailed information about Donna's area's of expertise here -

A link to the Shareholders Agreement Checklist can be found here -

If you have an idea for a business, whether thinking to start, already started or somewhat down the path and you'd like to chat with Troy to see if you're a fit with any of theSPACE program's book in for a 10min initial chat via the link here -

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