Alistair Hart

Founder & Managing Director Mangoesmapping

Alistair first explored his entrepreneurial roots as an 8-year-old, picking field mushrooms on the family sheep farm and selling them to passing vehicles on nearby Highway One. After a successful exit (enough $ for a few show bags), he went on to establish his first regular business as a gardener/handy boy as a twelve-year-old - a pursuit from which he derived a real income on leaving school.

In 2014, Alistair launched his own spatial technology company, Mangoesmapping, based here in Far North Queensland and occasionally moonlights as an advocate for Mappt, a disruptive Australian mapping app for Android tablets. Mappt is owned by Takor Group which is soon to list on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

Currently managing his own company, Mangoesmapping, Alistair enjoys combining the cut and thrust of business with exploring customer insight, and is intrigued by transformative innovation, disruptive business models and all the opportunities offered in this digital era. Alistair is passionate about improving society and the environment through democratising emerging technology.