Igor Pershin

Igor Pershin -


Who  are you & what do you do?

I am Igor Pershin, a homo sapien sapien born on the largest landmass as designated by other homo sapien sapiens on planet earth in the year 1985c.e. I help grow businesses online through digital marketing with a special focus on the solar industry. I also work on various projects relating to the nexus between environmental health and human health with a particular focus on functional medicine and regenerative agriculture.  I also love hiking, reading, writing and spending time with my friends and family.

What is your background?

My academic and professional background is diverse, ranging from the psychological manipulation of the masses for commercial gain, aka marketing, to community organising through various non-profit organisations including founding my own, Less Meat Less Heat in order to combat arguably the biggest ‘negative externality’ of said commercial gain, climate change. This journey took me from working in the largest private online advertising agency in Europe to representing Australian civil society delegations at the United Nations COP21 and COP23 climate negotiations at Paris and Bonn respectively. My subsequent exploration of systems change theory and practice have brought me back to thinking globally and acting locally.


Reason for being at theSPACE/ What do you like about being at theSPACE?

I like the community feel of theSPACE, the all-hours access and easy-going nature of everyone there. Let’s not forget the personal touches courtesy of Shartara - she went to all the trouble of finding a gluten-free birthday cake for my birthday! Aww :-) 

Why should people know you?

I recommend removing ‘should’ from our vocabulary since this implies obligation and hence regret if unfulfilled. People could know me if they enjoy a lively discussion about books, permaculture, travel and enjoy a good fart joke like the next person.

Fun fact?

????? ????????????????????? ???????????????? ?????????????????????.. I have titanium screws in my head - you can call me Tony Stark!