#ASK Choosing a name

#ASK Choosing a name

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Question from J from our Startup Program


“Hi All

Re MVP... looking into creating a 'FB landing page' for my proposed biz but somebody has rudely 'stolen' (lol) my biz name...

The FB account doesn't look established or even have a description of what they're all about?

They do have a logo however....

What happens in this case.... I like the name and can't find a www..?”


Thanks J.


In short a registered Trademark trump's, business name registration, domain name ownership and social profile registration.


If you have a registered Trademark then you have a claim to use that name/mark. However, that costs money and at this stage of the game, there is still a lot of unknowns, so it's not something I'd recommend yet as your concept might pivot significantly.


Once you have some traction, IP that you will look to secure moving forward includes:


  1. Trademark (on the graphic, but also the name if it is unusual enough ie: you can't trademark commonly used words)
  2. Register the business name
  3. Register the domain names
  4. Register the appropriate social accounts (you can often get creative with these)


You can do a free search to check for Trademark registrations here - https://search.ipaustralia.gov.au/trademarks/search/quick


You can do a free search for business names here - https://asic.gov.au/online-services/search-asics-registers/business-names/


You can do a free search for domain names using any domain name registrar ie: Crazy Domains


For now I suggest:


  1. Doing a search to confirm that no one has a current and registered TM that will stop you.
  2. That the business name is available
  3. A reasonable domain name is available


If all green lights above, then I'd suggest you put your thinking cap on, you can use the same name with slight addition for your FB page, just to get started ie: don't let this be a block at this stage.


In the coming weeks you might also like to register the business name about $38 per year and relevant domains.


If you find red lights above, then look at alternate names altogether.


Hope this helps. Any questions, please ask.


If you’d like more detailed information on IP protection, check out this interview I did with IP Guru Donna Patane from MacDonnells Law - https://youtu.be/0L1huiYLxps



Startup & Innovation Coach


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